About Me

About Me

hello you beautiful ones!
Welcome to my blog of happiness! From now on,I Nidhi paliwal a doctor by profession solemnly oath to be your 24 year old guide to the world of beauty and delicacies! :p

Some might be wondering what a doctor is doing blogging about fashion and food! Well to them I say, who said you gotta stick to one passion for life! Life is all about exploring. So this is me going after my passion for the sexy and the yummy ( I m still talking about clothes and food) :p

I literally live to eat and love to dress up. I am addicted to street shopping and social media. You can also call me an instagram fanatic and a big time foodie.

My friends call me a drama queen and i cant completely deny it! 😉 I am attracted to all things shimmer and shine, because without some sparkle life gets boring. So through this blog i will try my best to add some sparkle into everyones life. I have set no goals for this blog except one. I am not going to get serious here, because thats not who i am! This is gonna be a fun blog with a motive to make u hungry everytime u open it and i want it to be the reason behind your more frequent shopping sprees! . Here i will not just write about food and fashion. Infact be prepared to read the most random things. But i promise not to bore you guys! haha.

Also i m really new to this blogging world. So feel free to share your views about the blog. Your suggestions would be of great help in improving this tiny little world of me.You guys can leave the comments on the facebook page. If you guys like my blog dont forget to spread the love by liking and sharing. 🙂
so wishing myself ALL THE BEST ! :p THIS IS GONNA BE FUN!!! YAY!

Loads of love
Nidhi Paliwal