Happy Navratras made happier using Pepper Tap..!!

Happy Navratras made happier using Pepper Tap..!!

By Spice and Style    On : October 21, 2015 Zero Comment


So the festive season is here! People are ready to spend almost all their savings from the year for buying gifts, sweets, clothes and ofcourse the long grocery lists that seem even longer during the festivals when our mothers are all excited to cook delicious food everyday. My mother specially loves pampering us even during when we are fasting during the Navratras. Navratra itself means a grocery list of specific ingredients that we can eat during the fast and another list for the food that we binge eat on the last day of navratri!.

All thanks to PEPPER TAP  I saved multiple trips to the local market and ordered everything from the PEPPER TAP app on my phone.Best thing is that they deliver everything in just 2 hours!!  Smart people behind the app made a separate section on the app for Navratri and everything I needed was just a few finger taps away! yay! So when during the fasts, dairy products were high on demand and the local Mother dairy fell short of the stock I knew exactly what to do 😉 Even on the last day when my dear Mother decided to feed our hungry souls with POORI, HALWA and CHANA , I had that grocery list sorted too. So while I was busy working in the hospital, PEPPER TAP made sure my mother never complained and always had her kitchen rack full!

This App is indeed a blessing for someone like me because I hate fighting for my turn in an overly crowded local grocery store during festive seasons and the long bill queues irritate me even more. Rather why not sit in my pj’s on my comfortable bed and enjoy the festive season while feasting at home! 😀

You guys can also make your life easier by either downloading the app on your phones or just ordering online from their website! Here’s the link—>>



Happy Pepper Tapping you all! 🙂