Holiday look ( Part One)..!!

Holiday look ( Part One)..!!

By Spice and Style    On : August 29, 2015 1 Comment




I have just come back from a 2 day short weekend trip from Neemrana. I decided to share my holiday looks with you guys.I did not specially shop for this trip so i digged in my special holiday Goa bag and picked this dress out which I bought from Goa a while back. Yes I have a special bag full of summer dresses that I have kept aside but I know very well when to open it.!  😉

For day 1  I wore a floral maxi dress in a bright purple colour. Florals are very feminine and youthful. They look refreshing in the warm summer days and can brighten any dull day up. I wore a bright colour because they look great in holiday pictures. Holiday pictures should look colourful, bright and fun. Always choose colours according to your destination. With so much greenery around, purple made for a great pick. Maxi dresses are super comfortable and in the scorching heat I always prefer clothing i can breathe in. Something flowy is what I was looking for. My advice is that if you can not breathe  in a dress please chuck it right away. Also that its almost covering me up, there are less chances of sun burns and tan lines! 😛 ( I really don’t care about sun burns and tan lines btw! )

I paired the dress with a colourful beaded neckpiece which again I trifted from Goa. Well, if you think the look is very beachy then may be you are right but don’t I look gorgeous in the pictures!?! haha Yes, you got your answers! 😉

Finally I wore my favorite pair of Blue-green reflector sunglasses from PROMOD and I was summer ready for the mini vacation!!

I will be posting PART 2 of the vacation series soon! STAY UPDATED 🙂


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    Wonderful...would be great if you could post more HQ photos of your shoots...I'm sure they're captured in HD...get more of an understanding of the vivid colours...
    By Prash Kumar
    On 2015-08-31 13:33:19