How to wear a Plaid Shirt (Part- 2)…!!

How to wear a Plaid Shirt (Part- 2)…!!

By Spice and Style    On : December 15, 2015 Zero Comment

In part one of ”How to wear a Plaid Shirt” I styled the Plaid shirt in a very girly and glamorous way. You can check out PART- 1  here-



Personally for me Plaid shirt usually exhibits badass instead of casual. I love the chic grunge look. All you need to do is put a plaid shirt on, do some damage to some denim, and develop an I-don’t-care attitude! This care free yet so chic look is my favorite out of all.

Shirt- H&M
Jeans- Zara
Shades- Promod
Heels- Forever 21


Ditch the casual jeans for a casual skirt, put on those chunky comfortable converse shoes and rock that casual sporty look in a plaid shirt. Roam around like its nobody’s business and jump around like a sporty diva! 😉 Go the casual and unbuttoned route and you will never fail!