#KnowYourMom – Like she knows you!

#KnowYourMom – Like she knows you!

By Spice and Style    On : May 8, 2016 Zero Comment



First of all a very Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful mom’s out there ! You all are indeed magicians to know what we want, when we want and how we want it. You mother’s literally know it all unlike us kids who are so engrossed in finding ourselves in this today’s busy and fast running world that we completely forget there is much more to life than just thinking about us or figuring out what we want.


This Mother’s Day DINE OUT App very politely reminded me of what exactly I should be doing today. Being a food blogger I know which cuisine is my favorite and what dish I prefer when I go out. I know what I want, just like all the other smart kids of today’s generation. But very few of us actually know what our mother’s favorite dish or cuisine is.
Few days back I saw this notification from DINE OUT reminding me that mother’s day is coming and I must take her out for a special dinner. They are also running the #KNOWYOURMOM campaign in which they ask you about your mom’s favorite dish. So this time rather than just deciding a place on my own ,  I asked my mom which cuisine she would prefer and what kind of a place exactly she wants to dine at. This was just a small step towards knowing her better. According to her preference I quickly booked TASHAN ( GK2- M Block Market) ; which is a North Indian restaurant with a very warm vibe to it. I made sure she ordered everything according to her choice. From the surprising Baigan chaat to the Kathal Pita Pockets I was indeed happy with her offbeat selection of food and  to see that when it comes to food she loves experimenting as much as I do.  The Restaurant people just made the evening extra special by serving a special dessert for us. On DINE OUT APP you can easily write down a request for anything specific you want during making a reservation and they revert back immediately. I asked for a Mother’s Day special and they made sure it was there. Even the billing part is so easy. You just pay directly pay from your Dineout wallet without fighting for the bill at the table. Literally a hassle free experience.
It is always a pleasure to take her out for dinner dates and I have always tried to impress her! haha 😉 But this time I was relaxed as I let her decide everything while I was just observing her and getting to know her a little bit better 🙂



Overall we both enjoyed our personal bonding time over dinner. She talked about us and I talked about her ! <3

Indeed an evening to remember 🙂 Great initiative by DINEOUT and loved how easy it was to use the app. Also you get 20% cashback on every bill through Dineout. Pocket friendly for all the broke kids out there! haha . Happy Mother’s Day once again! Keep spreading the love my lovelies.