That Girl In a Yellow Dress..! ( Part – 2)

That Girl In a Yellow Dress..! ( Part – 2)

By Spice and Style    On : November 2, 2015 2 Comment

Finally here is the part 2 of ”That girl in a yellow dress”..!! For those who have missed Part- 1 please check it out here-


So the festive season is here already which means crazy shopping time! All those Diwali card parties and the festive celebrations literally ask for a whole new Indian wardrobe. Buying new outfits for every party is actually not a really smart idea. A smart idea is to reinvent your wardrobe with the pieces you already have or just give your western dress a whole new Indian look. In this post thats exactly what I have done. In part one I styled the dress in a western look. Here I m going to show you guys how to style the same yellow dress in a traditional way.

So my versatile yellow dress was put to test here. I paired it with silk straight fit pants and put on an orange duppatta designed by yours truly! 😉 Always remember gorgeous kundan earrings can make any look work. So the kundan and pearl earrings came to my rescue. To finish the look I put on some pretty ghungroo and pearl bangles. Such statement pieces instantly lift up the look and make you look festive within minutes. If you just accessorize it right,you can literally transform any western dress to look Indian!

Like you can wear that short black dress with a coloured patiala and a dupatta. Throw in some beautiful Indian jewellery and you are ready to go! If you try this look this festive season don’t forget to share it with me. Use the hashtag #spiceandstyle and I would love to see how you beautiful girls style it in your own unique ways!
Untill next time XOXO
Enjoy the festive season! *Dress up like a pataka , don’t burn one!* 😉

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    Thank you so much love! :*
    By Spice and Style
    On 2015-11-17 17:50:51
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    You look beautiful Nidhi 😍 and I love the way you styled this . The bangles and I def need something yellow now ! 👍
    By Arushi
    On 2015-11-03 07:31:45