The Hudson Cafe..!!

The Hudson Cafe..!!

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DRAMA TALKS- Let’s make this review a little emotional one for you guys. I promise just 2 mins of my drama and then you can read all about the food that you guys are here for.  Last 3 days of 2015 are left and this year was literally a roller coaster ride for me and my palate. I tasted some amazing dishes that I never knew existed and had few terrible experiences where I even had to ask for a butcher’s knife to cut a pancake! ( No, I am not naming places) haha.This year the blog also started which makes 2015 extra special. This is probably the last blogpost (of this year) not only because the year is ending , but also because this cold might just kill me soon. Sitting in 3 layers right now , looking like a monkey ; I gathered the courage to open the laptop and start typing. Also a big ‘THANK YOU’ to all my lovely readers. I always feel grateful for all the love. Keep the love coming!

 Time to talk about the HUDSON CAFE!! 😀

Hudson Cafe is located in the ever so popular Hudson lane of North campus, Delhi. Its located on the first floor and once I climbed the vibrant flight of stairs , I saw a group of youngsters waiting eagerly for a seat inside. I was told by the owner that the afternoons are the busiest because of the same break time of the students in the vicinity. On entering I was delighted to see a pretty little cafe. The cafe was decked up with colorful posters , beautiful red chandeliers, cheerful pastel hued furniture and vintage mirrors on the ceiling. I personally loved the detailing and the cafe made for a very appealing space. The cafe is usually very loud because it’s mostly occupied by the college going crowd who have just escaped from an hour long silent lecture. So I advice you not to visit this place if you are looking for a quiet afternoon.The service is pretty fast and they manage the crowd well.


We ordered VIRGIN SANGRIA and SEX ON THE BEACH from the mocktails menu. Virgin sangria was quite good but then nothing too extraordinary about it. It was fruity and a little too sweet for me. Sex on the beach which was made up of cranberry and lemon with a touch of ginger was way better and tasted quite refreshing.  To accompany the main course we ordered two shakes- ‘THE DARK LORD’ and ‘BROWNIE AND COOKIE SHAKE’. The shakes were thick and creamy. Brownie perfectly blended with the chocolate was way too good. Only problem was that they were too heavy and made it difficult to make space for the main course itself. They were not too sweet and that was the best thing.


To begin with we ordered BRUSCHETTA’S and CHEESE BAKED NACHOS ( Yes, my favorite things to order). Two slices each of tomato basil and mushroom bruschettas were served. The base was perfect crisp and the fresh basil was a good touch. The mushroom ones were surprisingly good too. The cheesy nachos however were however very average , the extra cheese was obviously good but it needed more of those beans and veggies to add more flavours.

For the mains we had the MEZZE PLATTER and PENNE ALFREDO PASTA. The falafels had food flavour but again they were too oily.The hummus was good and I quite enjoyed it with the pita bread. The biggest disappointment was the Penne Alfredo pasta. I could see the penne floating and disappearing in the alfredo sauce. The pasta was overly cooked and too much sauce was used. The sauce was cheesy and creamy indeed but how I wish it was used in exactly half the quantity.

To end the meal on a sweet note, we ordered the WAFFLE SUNDAE. It took the longest time to arrive. The explanation given by the management that they make the freshest waffles. But to be honest even the freshest ones should not take so long. Anyways the sundae looked delicious and raised my expectations very high but to my disappointment the waffles were not perfect fluffy and crisp and a little rubbery while cutting small pieces. The ice creams obviously tasted amazing.

Overall It was a good experience except the few misses. The Cafe offers so much variety at handsomely cheap prices and I think it truly targets the college going crowd. The owner knows the target customers and they all seemed pretty happy too but I would definitely suggest them to up their game because this cafe has so much potential. Really hoping that the next time I visit I see less of cheese and more of authenticity. 🙂


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