Zu tisch..!

Zu tisch..!

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LOCATION- GK 1 M- Block market

PRICE- Rs.1200 for two

SPECIALITY- German cuisine served


European style bistro with classy and simple wooden furniture. Not a really big place but intelligent placing of the tables gives it a very spacious look. They have recently started the terrace area also with low seating and basic wooden sofas with red upholstery. Once you enter you will notice maps of Germany on the wall under the pretty lamps.

Zu Tisch in german means ‘to table’ or basically to invite someone to eat. Before i was visiting this place i got a lot of warnings from my fellow foodie friends about how this place is good only for non vegetarains. Obviously this place is a paradise for non vegetarians but doesnt mean it disappointed me as a vegetarian.Options are limited in veg but everythng i tried tasted amazing.

I tried the GRILLED MUSHROOM SPEDINI, a dish made of mushrooms,potatoes and capsicum on a skewer. It was perfectly grilled and topped with olive oil and garlic flavour. It was served with garlic aioli and fruit salsa. The flavours were on point and i totally loved it.
After this i tried the KASE STEAK.It was cottage cheese steak served with homemade bbq sauce. It was stuffed with spinach and is a must try for all the vegetarians out there.
My friend tried the non vegetarian options and feedback was was really good too.
For drinks i tried the BERLIN BEER! A German cocktail with tequila base ,fresh apple,lemon juice and beer.This drink was served in a fish bowl with a beer bottle inverted over it. The presentation is good and it tasted amazing.
Apart from this i tried there rum based and whiskey based cocktails. Must say the bartender is doing a great job at it! P.S- There was no dessert on the menu.That was the only deal breaker for me. I specially told the manager to include desserts on the menu and he told me they will start soon! So hope that happens real soon 🙂


vegetarians who like to stick to the usual options might not like this place. Non-vegetarians should definitely try it once! And i for sure will visit again even if its just to see that happy smile on my friends faces when they get their delicious meat on the plate! 😉

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