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1/4 Pcs Wooden Utensils Wooden Spoons for Cooking Long Handle Spatula Spoon Shovel Scoop(B)

1/4 Pcs Wooden Utensils Wooden Spoons for Cooking Long Handle Spatula Spoon Shovel Scoop(B)

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  • Special for non stick pans: This set of wooden spatulas, soup spoons, and long handle spatulas is particularly suitable for non stick pans, without scratching the pan surface and protecting the pot's service life.
  • High quality materials: Made of high-quality natural wood, healthy, safe, durable, and easy to clean.
  • Multi functional use: This spatula set can be used for various purposes such as stir frying, boiling soup, and scooping vegetables. It can be hung and designed for convenience and practicality, making it a good helper for home kitchens.
  • Design considerations: The wooden shovel pot shovel soup spoon stir fry vegetable long handle pot shovel set adopts an ergonomic design, comfortable grip, not easy to slip hands, and the long handle design avoids burns.
  • Exquisite Appearance: This set of spatula sets has a beautiful and simple appearance, suitable for various kitchen styles, and can also be given as a gift to family and friends.

Name: wooden shovel wooden spoon set of four

Product Category: Spoon spatula Kit

Material: wood

Process: environmentally friendly painting

Specifications: wooden rice spoon, wooden soup spoon, wooden frying spatula, wooden spatula

Packing List:1 /4* wooden spatula

Uses: nonstick pan special spatula set: 1. Rice spoon for taking rice or partly for frying. 2. Soup spoon for taking soup and rice. 3. Frying spatula for frying, stirring frying operation. 4. Spatula for frying, stirring frying operation.

Size(approx.): 39cm / 15.35in shovel, 33cm / 12.99in spatula, 28cm / 11.02in soup spoon, 22cm / 8.66in rice spatula.

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