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Doresshop Night Light [2 Pack], Color Changing Baby Night Light, Plug into Wall, Dusk to Dawn Sensor for Kids Room, Nursery, Bedroom, Kitchen, Hallway

Doresshop Night Light [2 Pack], Color Changing Baby Night Light, Plug into Wall, Dusk to Dawn Sensor for Kids Room, Nursery, Bedroom, Kitchen, Hallway

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  • RAINBOW COLOR CHANGING NIGHT LIGHT– This rainbow night light features 8 colors to choose from : red, green, blue, pink, orange, purple, yellow and teal – Perfect for your kids room, bedroom, bathroom, hallway and more.
  • NIGHT LIGHTS WITH THREE COZY LIGHTING MODES – Solid color mode lets you to choose your favorite of the 8 available colors; Color-changing mode automatically cycles through the available colors and soft-white 3000K mode allows you to opt for a more traditional night light.
  • DUSK TO DAWN SENSOR FEATURES – The LED night light automatically turns ON at dusk and OFF at dawn, reducing energy consumption and saving you money.
  • PLUG IN NIGHT LIGHT DESIGN - This is the small thing that provides wider brightness in the darkness and gives enough light to guide your way when going to the toilet or getting water in the kitchen at night. Design with safety and quality in mind, using the most advanced technology that works year-round of illumination from dusk to dawn.
  • DURABLE & RELIABLE - With high quality plastic,this decorative night lights has a long lifespan with over 30000 working hours. The well-designed mini outlook is space-saving and does not block the bottom outlet for other devices.

Product Description

DORESshop Color Changing LED Night Lights

Color-Select Gives You Control

Select from 3 Different Color Changing Modes

  • 1.Solid White (Soft White 3000K)

With the push of a button you can set your night light to the soft white color.

  • 2.Color Changing

Press the button on the bottom and watch the colors change automatically. The night light will continuously cycle through all 8 colors: red, blue, orange, purple, teal, yellow, pink and green.

  • 3.Solid Color

Press the button when your favorite color is visible to select it. The night light will then stay on that color. You can also cycle through the colors manually until your reach the one you want.

Wide Application for Christmas Day or New Year

Wide Application

Perfect for closet, cabinet, stairs, step, garage, bedroom, bathroom, hallway, kitchen, toilet, wall or the entryway to your home, anywhere you need a guiding light.


1.The plastic connector is a protective cover that protects the plug from damage during transport, please removing the plastic connector from the night light before pluging it into the power outlet.

2.When there is infrared radiation to the night light, the night light will keep flashing.

All Outlets Stay Accessible

Night light can be positioned to cover unsightly outlets or to keep the 2nd outlet free for use.

3 Different Color Changing Modes

Color-Select gives you control. Perfect for your bedroom, bathroom, hallway and more

Eye-caring Light Design

The Color-Changing LED Night Light design while producing an even, non-flickering light.

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