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Reston Lloyd

Reston Lloyd 98521M Calypso Basics 100% Melamine, Spoon, Lemon

Reston Lloyd 98521M Calypso Basics 100% Melamine, Spoon, Lemon

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  • QUALITY | Kitchen utensils are made of high grade 100% melmaine material. Ideal for everday use with multiple pan materials such as non-stick cookware. Heat safe up to boiling point (250°F). Scratch & stain resistance.
  • STORAGE/CARE | Choose from multiple storage options. In your kitchen drawer; each utensil is 11 inch long. In a utensil holder; utensils are light weight. On a hook; each utensil has hole at the end of the utensil. Dishwasher safe.
  • USES | Use for both hot and cold food use. Each 100% melamine utensil is food safe and BPA free.
  • COLLECTION | Full collection has 5 utensil styles; Spoon, Slotted Spoon, Spatula, Ladle, & Spaghetti fork (not all in this purchase). Each color will match other items in the Calypso Basic Series.

Reston Lloyd has been producing quality melamine for 50 years. Each utensil is to be made of 100% melamine (no fillers) and are safe to use up to 250°F (boiling point). Feel secure that these utensils are BPA free and are a great choice for your kitchen use. Melamine utensils work great with your non-stick pots and pans because they will not scratch or damage your cookware. Each utensil is designed to be comfortable in your hand and will add a pop of color to your kitchen. The utensils come with a hole on the end allowing you to hang them up for quick access. They can also be stored in a utensil crock or kitchen drawer.

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