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Silicone Silicone Spatula Antiadherent Spatul

Silicone Silicone Spatula Antiadherent Spatul

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  • Bake spatula with good flexibility can say goodbye to scratches and damage your favorite pot or bowl
  • The antiating spatula with a beautiful color and the elegant design can be used to bake, turn, fry and cook
  • Cooking the spatula has an ergonomic design and a comfortable handle to feel happy while cooking
  • Heat resistant spatula has a seamless design, which means that a healthier and less cleaning kitchen is required
  • The silicone spatula is made of durable silicone material, food insurance and heat resistant for a long time

The silicone spatula with an integrated seamless design is widely used to bake and cook and without noise when cooking and the pan will not be scratching at all ... the spatula to cook with small size and dormable handle is.a great tool to extend the useful life of all cooking pans ..
silicone spatula
-Color: blue ..
-Material: silicone ..
-SIZE:.21.5x4cm/8.46x1.57 inches..f

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